DAS 2017

Digital Academics Summit 2017
Get-together of the digital science community

Leipzig University of Telecommunications (HfTL), October 26-27, 2017

Currently, the buzzword digitization is dominating the discussion about the further development of teaching, studies and research. Barely, that the hype around MOOCs has shrunk to a realistic level, the next trend is pushed with a lot of marketing and political tailwind to a peak of exaggerated expectations. Or is there more behind this time? Can we expect revolutionary changes in education and science by the digitization?

Guiding theme: "Digital research and teaching from a practical perspective - what is already possible, what does the future look like?"

  • What is the impact of digitization on education and science in concrete terms?
  • How much is hype, what is the real progress and added value?
  • Which meaningful applications and best practice examples are available?
  • Which innovation trends in technology, tools, applications, organization, management, leadership and strategy will drive the digitization in future?

The digital science community will meet at the Digital Academics Summit 2017, October 26-27 in Leipzig, to get to the bottom of these questions. The science city Leipzig (also known as “Hype-zig”) provides an appropriate venue for a wide-ranging program with application examples, talks and panel discussions, as well as plenty of time for personal conversations. The conference languages are German and English.

The Digital Academics Summit (DAS 2017) is a joint event of the IBWM Institute of Education and Science Management and T-Systems International at Leipzig University of Telecommunications (HfTL). The summit is welcoming pioneers, stakeholders and interested parties from universities, non-university research institutions, politics and business.